Relocation Services

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CCTong Company, established in January 2003 as an investment consultancy company which devoted to make every customer experience exceptional for every service we offer. We listen to our customers’ opinions and tailor our services to meet your unique needs with warmhearted and considerate attitude. CCTong team is ready to answer any question in every aspect of your requirement. Feel free to contact CCTong without any hesitation!

Arrival Service: 
Once foreigners arrived in a new city or country, it’s definitely they want to be involved in different culture as quickly as possible. That’s why CCTong helps you tailor an arrival services that’s unique to each individual – to make the transition a smooth one for everyone involved. Our arrival services help new arrivals with every aspect of settling into their new location.

Orientation Services: 
1. Greeting at the airport
2. A tour of your new nei***orhood
3. Learn about community and other specific concerns

Home Search:
1. Nei***orhood selection, statistics and comparisons
2. Need analysis of homes based on budget and preferences
3.Overview of schools, churches, medical facilities
4. Assistance with lease negotiation, security deposits and other issues
5. Move-day supervision

School Search:
1. Personal school search assistance
2. Identify schooling requirements
3. Co-ordination of appointments with school officials and presence on school visits Provide basic information of school address, telephone numbers, the principal’s name and a brief overview
4. Educational Consulting including assessment of children’s individual needs
5. Explain texting and interview requirement
6. Advice on required forms and paperwork
7. Assistance with negotiations on admittance
8. Assist with the application and enrollment

Settling Services:
1. Drive License (change IPD to Chinese drive license): Get a certified translation of IPD; Obtain temporary residence permit from local police station; Finish medical checking; Make reservation of computerized theory test; Pass the theory test; and getting Chinese drive license
2. Open bank accounts: understand the requirement from the bank, documentation preparation; and accompany client to the bank
3. Local Registration: escort client to the police station; prepare all the documentation; fill in sheets on site; and finish the registration process
4. Shopping for basic essentials: recommend some shops and article price to our clients; and accompany client to shops if needed
5. Application for personal documentations or identification cards: we listen to clients’ requirement; answer clients’ questions; help clients to make the right decision; prepare documentation
6. Utilities Connection Assistance: Gas; water; electricity or internet connection service

Rental Services: 
1. Extensive quality surveys
2. Rental counseling
3. Lease review/Rental contract review
4. Lease negotiation assistance
5. Lease renewal
6. Lease cancellation/termination

Ongoing Services:
Relocation is more than the physical movement from one city or country to another. It’s about assimilating into a new environment smoothly and efficiently. CCTong will make this process easier through our ongoing services. We are always available to assist with ongoing support unique to each individual, which may include answering questions, assistance with local government authorities, language support and much more.

Cultural Training:
1. Group or one-on-one cultural training available
2. Sessions can be done in home or host location and pre- and post- departure
3. Help the assignee and family integrate into the new environment

Language Training: 
We offer Mandarin, dialect and Chinese culture courses for individuals and companies. The team of experienced teachers fosters a comfortable environment for learning.

Family Assistance:  
1. Web-based system provides convenient access to a wide variety of employment resource
2. Assistance services range from elderly care to family needs assessment
3. Spouse/partner career assistance
4. Single source benefit coordination for transfer and partner

Visa and Immigration Services and Work Permit:
1. Visa and work permit application
2. Visa and work permit tracking and renewal
3. Visa and work permit cancellation

Tenancy Management:
1. Facilitation rent payments
2. Managing telephone changes
3. Connection Service assists with applications for utilities (gas, electricity, water, telephone, internet, and cable TV)
4. Tenancy Consultation: advise the tenant of all obligations and duties they are responsible for under the terms of the lease agreement
5. Repair and Maintenance regular preventative maintenance visits including minor repairs and other handyman services
6. Cancellation Services assist with the termination of utilities (gas, electricity, water, telephone, internet, and cable TV)

Handyman Services:
1. Assembling
2. Arranging
3. Cleaning

On Assignment Support:
1. An emergency hotline telephone number
2. Arranging family networking and entertainment programs

Moving Services:
Careful planning is the secret to any successful move-there can be no compromise. CCTong knowledgeable staff can help you with planning, preparation, scheduling and insurance. We will provide you with an obligation-free assessment of your needs and a removal proposal for your move, be it within China or overseas.

International Moves:
1. Make a pre-move survey and write down your demands
2. Sign contract and confirm the moving date
3. Check floors and walls again
4. While loading goods to the truck, supervisor will check the goods according to the packing list
5. Take away your original passport and other documents required for customs declaration and give them back to you in 3 days
6. Ship the goods to your destination
7. Our agent will clear customs and deliver goods to your house

Domestic Moves:
1. We sign the contract before move
2. Our supervisor will check ground and wall with client and fill in a valuables inventory which is an important reminder on securing   your valuables
3. Professional packers will put on shoe covers and then pack according to customer`s requirements. At the same time, supervisor will make a packing list
4. Put items on trucks and the customers can set the one-time-based lock
5. When all packages reached at new home that our staff will count the number, unpack items, and install furniture and put them at the right place
6. After all working finished, the customer should score the entire service. In the end, the workers will take away whole packaging debris

Art/Exhibits Moves:
1.  We will communicate with organizer, and make the transport guidelines and determine the transport program according to the special exhibition
2. We will provide professional and comprehensive consulting services on transport and other transport issues the organizers
3. We will interactive closely with organizer to ensure entering safely, orderly and efficiently
4. We will design tailor-made transport program, with fully attention to details for special items (high-value precision instruments, precious relics, works of art, the frozen product)
5. We will continue to provide on-site service and consulting services after transportation
6. We will complete the check-out handling in shortest time and start the after-show moving with high degree of order                         

Carton materials
Anti-dust system
Tags and electronic identification system
Fast pickup system

Office Moves:
1. The office area will be numbered by our staff at first. After that, each employee has a serial number for their personal items and documents, so that our workers can quickly move documents to the right place in consecutive order
2. CCTong will provide boxes to all employees. They can put their personal goods in the box and tick their number
3. We take apart furniture and pack them with paper, bubble wrap or cartons
4. We pack the facilities in the public area and make a detailed packing list to make sure everything is packed
5. We check the number of every package according to the list before goods are moving into the truck
6. After arriving, we check boxes again and make wall and floor protection before moving into the new office. Then, unpack and assemble furniture. Finally, we will clean the office and take away the debris

Pet Transportation:
Because of pets are sensitive and difficult to change, they can be a problem when moving. We advise you on professional pet care services to transport them safely to your new home.

Car Transportation:
If you want to import or export your personnel car, we pleased to help you to complete complex customs clearance in China.

Handyman Services:
We provide complete handyman services including picture hanging, shelf and furniture assembly, appliance and lighting installation, as well as patch up services for minor repairs. Our handymen are fully licensed, fully trained, and fully equipped, they proficient in the English language. Services are available on hourly / daily rates, or on a per item basis.



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