Company Incorporation Service

China’s thriving economy is attracting an increasing number of foreign investors who set up business entities in the country. The country’s accession to the World Trade Organization in 2001 has accelerated economic reforms and approval procedures for foreign investment projects are being simplified. However, setting up in China can be a challenge without profound knowledge of the country. With Koehler Group, you have an experienced business partner who can help you successfully establish your business in China. Our consultants specialize in setting up Representative Offices, Wholly Foreign Owned Enterprises, Foreign Invested Commercial Enterprises and Joint Ventures throughout China.


Establishment of Foreign Representative Office, WFOE, JV and domestic company in all kinds of industries:

1.     Company name pre-registration

2.     Environmental inspection and assessment

3.     Food and beverage license application

4.     Advertising license application

5.     Certificate of approval application

6.     Business registration

7.     Carving a set of company stamps

8.     Enterprise organization code certificate application

9.     Tax registration

10.   Financial registration

11.   Foreign currency management registration

12.   Opening bank accounts in foreign banks or local banks

13.   Import and export registration

14.   Customs registration

15.   Inspection and quarantine license application

16.   Alcohol retail and wholesale license application


Established of Hong Kong & offshore company (including BVI, Cayman, Seychelles, Panama, etc.):

1.     Quick setup within 10-20 days

2.     Low cost for registration and annual maintenance

3.     Tax-free for offshore business

4.     Be away from China foreign currency control

5.     Protection for overseas M&A and IPO


Mergers and Acquisitions of Domestic Enterprises by Foreign Investors:

1.     Draft share/equity transfer agreement

2.     License modification approval by local government

3.     Tax declaration for share transfer



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